“The guys were great!” “They came in with a lot of enthusiasm, they got everyone involved and excited about their planned team-oriented activities!” “It went extremely well!” “I was pleased to see all of my staff enjoying a day of friendly competition and building camaraderie within our company!” ~ Steve Kerman – South Florida Pain and Rehabilitation Center

“They kept the kids entertained from start to finish. I will definitely be using them again!” ~ B.H.


“The kids had a blast.  You guys made it extremely fun for them and easy for us parents.  Im sure you will be getting business from those parents who watched.” ~ W.H.


“I dont know how you guys were able to handle so over 35 kids, but you did an amazing job.  All the kids looked like they were having fun, laughing, and spending time with their friends.  You guys set up game after game and the kids really enjoyed it.  Im glad we used your services and will definitely use you again next time.” ~ JCL Employment Solutions


“You guys offer a great service.  Kids need exercise these days and you made it extremely fun for them.  We loved the variety of games and sports you guys played.  It was one right after another, and the kids loved it.  Keep up the good work and you will be hearing from us again.” ~ B.G.