Parent Tot (Ages 6 months – 3 years)
Parent Tot is a swimming program put together for both parent and child involvement. Children starting at 6 months will begin the process of becoming comfortable in the water. Parent Tot is designed to introduce your child into the water while learning breath control, flutter kicking, paddling, and water safety.

Level I (Beginner)
Exploring the Water. Level I is for participants looking to become more comfortable in the water. Breathe control, comfortable body movements, floating unassisted on front and back, arm rotations, and safety are all skills we strive to teach to make participants more confident and relaxed in the water.

Level II (Intermediate)
This level is designed to build from Level I. Participants will learn more defined swimming movements using kicks and alternating arm rotations. Participants will also learn to transition from front to back and back to front smoothly and comfortably while moving through the water. Under- water swimming and the introduction to various swimming strokes are also important lessons taught in this program.

Level III (Advanced)
The advanced program is designed to perfect movement in the water, various strokes, floats, kicks, arm rotations, and breathing. Participants enrolled in this program will demonstrate strong swimming skills. Our goal is to enhance the participants swimming skills and prepare them for the introduction to a competitive swimming environment.

**There are no age limits with any of our swimming lessons. ANY and ALL ages are welcomed and encouraged to participate**