Sports Parties

Get Fit Parties are appropriate for ages 4 and up
Variety of specialized themes such as American Gladiators Challenge, Survivor Challenge, and more
We also specialize in pool parties
Now offering party inflatables (bounce houses, water slides, combos)
Think of us for your next corporate events, school functions, picnics or any other gathering
Good sportsmanship and safety are emphasized to ensure friendly competitive participation
Kids are supervised by our experienced coaches so parents can sit back and relax

Get Fit 4 Kidz will come to any location in South Florida to entertain your party. We provide a variety of sports and cooperative games that will keep your kids playing for hours.  Some of the games include flag football, soccer, ultimate frisbee, ultimate football, kickball, capture the flag, electricity, relay races, obstacle relays, dodge ball, knockout (basketball game), capture the bean bags, sharks & minnows, gaga, and more!  If you have any special requests, we are more than happy to meet your needs.

There will be one coach for up to 20 kids. Additional staff will be necessary for over 20 kids. We provide all the professional sports equipment necessary, including but not limited to: footballs, flag belts, beanbags, kickball’s, soccer balls, basketballs, frisbees, cones, dodge balls, hula hoops, and hurdles.

*Recommended* – This program is most effective outdoors with plenty of field space, but it is possible to be indoors in a large area such as a gymnasium or larger. For every 20 kids, we need a space that is roughly 84×50 feet (recreational basketball court-size). This space is just enough for 20 kids. So if you have 40 kids, you would need an area size equivalent to 2 basketball courts, etc. Grass is preferred for safety reasons.

1 Coach for up to 20 kids: $200 for 1st hr, $200 each additional hour
2 Coaches for 21-40 kids: $275 for 1st hr, $275 each additional hour
3 Coaches for 41-60 kids: $350 for 1st hr, $350 each additional hour
4 Coaches for 61-80 kids: $425 for 1st hr, $425 each additional hour
5 Coaches for 81-100 kids: $500 for 1st hr, $500 each additional hour